• Sarah Bloodworth

Spooky Eco Finds From Leeds & Manchester Local Businesses

You came here for spooky, well we got spooky! There’s no reason to go to the big chains for your Halloween makeup, jewelry, and decor...many of their business practices are already scary enough. So we scoured Manchester and Leeds local businesses for some of the best - and of spookiest - finds for this Halloween season that have eco or ethical practices. A lot of these shops sell MANY spine-tingling special items, so feel free to follow the links and explore further.

Spooky Eco Manchester Finds

1. Eye-Catching Vintage Earrings from American Graffiti

2. Biodegradable Glitter To Add Some Sparkle to a Spooky Look from Festival Glitter

3. 100% Vegan Witches Finger Melts from Flicker Candle Studio

4. Vegan Iron-On Adhesive Frankenstein Lover Patches from LunaNQ

5. Smiley 3D-Printed Pumpkin Planters from RetroGamingCenter

Spooky Leeds Eco finds

6. A Witch Potion Tote from Charlies Crazy Couture

7. This Spooky Vintage Storybook from All Data Lost Books

8. Sox Wax Candle That Will Blow Your Mind from Blackthorn Remedies

9. Horror-Themed Nickel-Free Handmade Earrings from Idle Hands

10. Incredible, Original Dark Retro Art from Almanaques

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