Dave Heap

I’m an old man who should have retired but I haven’t. And I never will! I have built businesses from zero to a billion-dollars and back again, and have served huge networks of sellers. I know the power of small business. I am passionate about supporting brands advocating for a better future for my many grandchildren until I hit 100. And trust me – I will!


Lauren Bird

I’ve thrown myself into being an entrepreneur from a young age. I am a self taught, caffeine-fueled, all round creative, content creator, video producer and graphic designer with a love for festivals, travel and vintage fashion. Having my own business’ in a wide range of fields, I have experienced every high and low of creating a brand. I also love fitness, cooking and taking every opportunity to experience something new.


Andrea Schiffer

I am the one in the background making sure everything works properly – from domain registrations to Zoom difficulties! I am very experienced in the world of e-commerce, especially on Amazon. I’ve ran an Amazon business for over six years. So I know first-hand the ins-and-outs of platforms and the need for more ethical business. When I’m not working, I’m dancing to Cuban music with my husband as my dog, Sultan who sings along! 


I’m all about people! As an “everyday environmentalist,” I’m keen to find others who share my extraordinary passion to make a change, one step at a time. I have 25 years of experience in Sales and Strategic Business Development, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. During my varied and interesting career I have been an early champion of diversity & inclusion policies. Now I’m using a combination of my passions to support those in our growing movement to help our planet and the people on it. When I’m not working (or playing with the dogs), I’m spending time with my four amazing kids, occasionally starring in TikTok uploads with my triplet daughters, and scooping out independent coffee houses.

Nikki Bourgeois